Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is Your WordPress Blog’s RSS Feed your FRIEND or FOE?

You answer would probably be friend, and you are right to some extent.

Because there’s no doubt that RSS Feed helps bloggers gain RSS readers, which makes easier for visitors to read the content directly on their RSS feed reader, without having to visit the blog.

But, what as a foe?

Since everything has its good and bad side, so does RSS. And here comes the dark side of RSS that you probably must never have realized.

1.RSS subscribers are not visiting your blog

a. No user interaction and traffic on your blog

Since visitors are able to read the content of your blog directly on their RSS feed reader, they won’t even bother to visit the blog. That results in less to NO user interaction as well as minimal traffic on your blog.

And if there’s no user participation on your blog, no matter how good your blog content is, it’s pretty much going to put a bad impression on new visitors.

For example: Let’s say there’re two blogs – blog A and blog B. In blog A, there’s a post called “SEO traffic” and lots of visitors are posting their comments and in blog B, there’s a similar post and there’s zero user interaction or comment. Which one would you think will get more user popularity and more blog exposure?

Of course it’s blog A, because there’s a lot of user engagement going on which will eventually attract more visitors to participate in the interaction, resulting in getting more blog exposure.

And that’s not all…

b. Alexa Rank and Reputation of your blog will decline

If RSS readers don’t visit your blog, your alexa rank will decline and will ultimately affect your overall blog reputation.
Less traffic to your blog
Decreased alexa ranking
No Advertisers/Sponsors
No $$$

Because Alexa rank can make or break your business. It measures your blog traffic and is an important element in leveraging your blog’s ranking as a selling point to advertisers, sponsors, buyers, readers and whoever else wants a piece of your material.

Your Alexa ranking is deemed a big factor in valuing the advertising space on your blog. Higher positioning means more money in your pocket, highly paid reviews, better advertising offers, and more press coverage.

Since your RSS readers are able to read your blog content directly on their RSS Feed Reader, they won’t least bother to visit your blog, which will eventually hurt your alexa rank, your blog reputation and revenue as well.

2. Earning is almost NIL via RSS Feed

The banners and ads on the blog are what make your livelihood. But if a vast majority of RSS readers never visit your blog, you’re obviously not going to earn the income you deserve.

Since blog visitors are able to read content directly on their RSS reader, they won’t least bother to visit your blog.

And, if they are not visiting your blog, then all the ads (no matter how good) placed on your blog become useless.

For example: Let’s say you’ve put Google adsense ads in high converting places on your blog and each click will fetch you 0.30 cents. But if no one visits your blog, you’re pretty much doomed - doesn’t matter whether you get 0.30 cents or $1 for every click.

It doesn’t just affect your Google adsense earnings but everything that’s on your blog which is your source of income, like- PPC ads, Affiliate Products, Text Link ads, Other Advertisement Media, etc.
No Visitors = No Clicks  = No $$$

3. Content Thieves are stealing your content via RSS Feed

Everyone is after the content, right?

Since feeds are so easy to grab as it gets syndicated through other websites and bloggers don’t have direct control over it.

And guess what?

Content Thieves are taking full-fledged advantage of it. They are stealing the content from your RSS feed and republishing it on their blogs. They just sit back and enjoy a drink while others toil hard to make their site look more authentic.

Why Content Thieves prefer stealing from RSS Feed?

As we know there exists many software which can fetch articles from,, etc. and all these content-fetching software programmed specifically for such websites. If those websites change their format, then those software also break and need to update again with new changes.

RSS doesn’t have such LIMITATION. It's a standard format and once software is built, it consistently works for all the millions of RSS feeds available today.

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Now, having told you how RSS Feed rips off your blog traffic and revenue, you would probably want its solution too.

And the solution to all these shortcomings is MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back,
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This plugin completely changes the look and functionality of RSS Feed. Using Bring My Blog Visitors Back on your blog will entice your RSS subscribers to visit your blog thus increasing blog traffic and generating revenue as well.

On other hand, content thieves become a sort of free marketing agent providing you free backlinks and traffic in return.

Bring My Blog Visitors Back will help you get more flexibility and control over your RSS Feed, thus adding value and readership to your blog.

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